The owners of Hey Baby

The creators of Hey Baby

The creators of Hey Baby

Now that we are done with the formalities of introductions and such, I am happy to simply write to you all. I’m excited to reveal how Hey Baby came to life, and the events that led us up to this point.


Hello, I am Jasmine. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I attended schools from Fernbank, all the way to DeKalb School of the Arts. I attended college in Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State University. There I studied English and Women and Gender studies. While in school I toured the world singing background vocals for the very popular B.o.B. How did I attend school and commit to world tours? Well, I took a few semesters off and had to sign plenty of paperwork stating that I would complete my assignments! Which I did! Also, while in Tennessee, I connected with the love of my life.


Jasmine with A & pregnant with Z!

Jasmine with A & pregnant with Z!


Arron was born in Milwaukee and raised in Atlanta. He attended schools from Rainbow, all the way to Heritage High. He also studied the arts and toured as an actor in a few well-known stage plays. Later, Arron made a trip to visit his family in Africa. Africa is where his life changed. Upon his return from the Motherland, Arron joined the Army and became a part of the well-respected 160th (Night stalkers).  That is when we finally met. The rest is history.



Because of our experiences in the Army, this family has learned a great deal about love, loss, hope, longing, and the importance of making memories. That is what we aim to teach. We are passionate about marriage, communication, family, wisdom, serving, and living a full and fun life. We ALL have the choice to be happy. It’s just a matter of deciding what you want.



Because this family is well rooted in the arts, we will always continue to find fun and creative ways to express ourselves and to express the nature of this business. Life is ALL about art. Life is about expression. Why not live passionately?


Hey Baby is about creating and capturing memories. Yes, we cater to women, pregnant women, but we also cater to families, friends, and loved ones. Stick around to see how we can be a benefit to your relationships. After all, Life is ALL about our relationships. Let us help you show how much you care!


More of our story to come!


-          Jasmine Momon aka Cousin Jasmine of Hey Baby